Anti Poaching Unit

Deploying boots on the ground for the protection of habitats and wildlife

At Ulinzi Africa Foundation, we believe that the key to keeping the African elephant wild and thriving, is to safeguard not only the elephant itself, but also its habitat and roaming space.
We firmly believe that it is our responsibility, to protect our wild flora and fauna whilst working together with inter-governmental representatives and bodies, as well as private, international and local supporters of wildlife.
Rangers to date, remain the first line of defence not only for elephants, but all wildlife. A stronger and more consistent presence of game rangers in any area has shown tangible results in the aversion and effective reduction in poaching activities.

Our chosen project location is nestled within thick indigenous forests teeming with wildlife in Kenya’s Tana Delta. A certified RAMSAR site, the region is a critical habitat for wetland species and migratory birds, also earning it IBA (Important Bird Area) status, and KBA (Key Biodiversity Area) status. Sadly, it is also under constant fire from cattle rustlers and tension from various political and ethnic factions.

By implementing anti-poaching units in remote forests in the region that operate jointly with Kenya Wildlife Service, we have been able to mitigate poaching activity and protect the critical populations of wildlife here. With this first stepping stone in place, wildlife in this area have renewed hope for rejuvenation from the rampant and unprecedented levels of bushmeat and trophy poaching, as well as environmental degradation.

On the frontlines

Rangers face a myriad of challenges on a daily basis. From threats from poachers and wildlife while in the line of duty, to spending up to 11 months at a time away from family in areas with little access to basic necessities. At Ulinzi Africa Foundation, we do our best to ensure our rangers are well taken care of with all the necessities, training and gear they require to facilitate safer, easier and thus more effective working conditions.

Here are some of the threats our ranger team addresses:

  • Rampant poaching
  • Snaring
  • Illegal fishing
  • Poaching of sea turtles and other CITES listed species
  • Illegal logging and charcoal burning
  • Livestock incursions.

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