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Born in Kenya in 1982 Raabia Hawa has over 10 years of experience working in the field of wildlife conservation with rangers.
In 2014 she led a 25- day cross-country trek from Arusha, Tanzania to Nairobi, Kenya. Her famed 500km "Walk With Rangers" saw a 71% reduction in the perception among young Kenyans that rangers were involved in the scourge of elephant poaching that had gripped the region during that time. Young Kenyans now saw rangers as more than a man in a green uniform, rangers were finally being recognized as brave Kenyans on the front lines, sacrificing time with their own families to protect wildlife for future generations.
Due to the success of this trek, Hawa was able to successfully launch East Africa's first nonprofit aimed at ranger empowerment, welfare and facilitation- Ulinzi Africa Foundation.

Through UAF, Hawa has raised considerable awareness on the challenges faced by rangers on the ground and provided greatly needed training and gear support to over 250 rangers across Kenya.

Aside from her active involvement on the ground, Hawa was also a notable contributor to the legislative amendments in the historic wildlife act in Kenya.

She is also a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, completing her fellowship under the young African leaders initiative at the Goldman school of public policy UC Berkeley.

She was selected to participate in the National Geographic ‘Women in Conservation’ convening in 2019, among 19 other top female conservationists from around the continent.

Hawa was notably, among five handpicked wildlife conservationists who participated in a conversation with civil society hosted by President Barack Obama in 2015.

Today, she works alongside the communities and her own team of rangers in Kenya’s Tana Delta region to protect critical biodiversity and habitat from poaching and deforestation. She has successfully joint forces with the Kenya Wildlife Service to achieve her goal to secure and stabilise the area through conservation.

Hawa spends her time patrolling dense forests alongside her team, tracking poachers and helping wildlife and community members in need; and when she isn’t in the field or participating in a program, she applies herself towards personally raising awareness on the plight of wildlife and rangers on various platforms including schools and international conferences.

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