Urban Wildlife Rescue

Protecting Micro-habitats

Even though Kenya is rich in biodiversity in its wilderness areas, there is still a thriving population of wildlife in the heart of the capital city, Nairobi.
There have been numerous sites demarcated for public or private development that have heavy undergrowth and tree cover in Nairobi city. With the wanton cutting down of trees that have stood the test of time over the last 5 decades or more, there is always the risk of live species being affected. We have found that critical species are still residing within Nairobi and are working hard to bring this to the attention of our government to consider protecting micro-habitats.


Birds of prey & songbirds rescued


Reptiles & amphibians rescued


Trees & plants rescued and replanted

As we work towards this, we have been conducting emergency Urban Wildlife Rescues all over the city- with our mobile number posted on all social media platforms as a wildlife hotline.

We note with concern that many of the live species rescued are critical to the well-being of the ecological balance around Nairobi. We have previously rescued African Goshawks, sunbirds, Jacksons’ chameleons, Brown house snakes, blind snakes and various owl species to name but a few.

We have developed a strong network of specialists and work with them to ensure each rescued animal is seen at a qualified veterinary clinic, taken into proper care and released upon recovery in any case of injury.

In some cases ofcourse, the injuries sustained may be too severe and we assist to the best of our capacity in the continued care and support of these animals.

Photos from the field

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