Ranger Shields Program

Training and equipping rangers to keep them safer and more effective

Rangers in developing countries have little or no access to adequate gear and training. We were concerned to discover that many rangers in Kenya have never received First Aid training- even though they are in one of the most high-risk jobs in the world.
Over 1000 rangers have lost their lives in the line of duty in the last decade, the critical life skills of First Aid are invaluable.


Rangers are now first responders


Ranger teams equipped with comprehensive first aid and trauma kits


Ranger teams equipped with gear and electronic patrol equipment

At Ulinzi Africa Foundation, we made a commitment to change this. Considering the challenges of language barriers, and access to proper First Aid materials- we partnered with a local medic to develop a simple yet effective module that will ensure rangers easily execute their First Aid training when necessary.

Our training program covers key elements required in a medical emergency- from scene management to practical First Aid.

We have so far trained over 250 rangers from 6 different conservancies, 3 organisations and the Kenya Wildlife Service government parastatal as well with the help of our volunteer medic team.

We have also provided comprehensive First Aid and trauma kits to various ranger teams across Kenya, and will continue to work with partners in ensuring rangers are well prepared to help themselves and each other incase of any eventuality in the field.

Aside from First Aid, rangers also need to minimise the risk to themselves while on foot patrol in the wilderness. This means they need to be able to communicate effectively in silence, so that wildlife and possible poachers are unable to detect their presence. In 2019, Ulinzi Africa Foundation partnered with Global Conservation Force to provide necessary training for rangers in this field.

Photos from the field

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